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Thunderbird Copper Shield - Northern Dreams Clothing by Chelleen

Thunderbird Copper Shield

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Thunderbird Copper Shield

This is really a two part story; the importance of the Copper Shield and the power of the Thunderbird...
The Copper Shield represents a Chief, a clan, their power and territory. The Copper Shield would be placed on an animate object or painted into the rocks and cliffs that surround the Chiefs territory, this would be a warning to all other clans in the area of whose land it belonged to and the power they possess. There are Petroglyphs still visible today one in specific is located on Hwy 16 along the Skeena River in Northern BC.
The Thunderbird is a mythological creature; it is a giant, supernatural bird, named for his habit of causing thunder and lightning. Beneath his wings he carries Wolf-Headed, Serpent-Tongued Lightening Snakes, which are his weapons. The thunder rolls from the flap of his massive wings and lightning flashes as he whips the snakes at his only prey, the Killer Whale.
A Thunderbird Copper Shield is obtained by a Chief from the crest of the Thunderbird. The Crest is known to be the highest and most powerful of all other Crests.

Limited Edition Print of 50

Print Size: 12" x 18"

Signed, Dated & Titled

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