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Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

Reward Program Details

Earning Artist Points

Welcome points
Give 100 Artist Points
(Awarded to customers who signup after your points program is launched)


Customer makes an order
Give 1 Artist Point for every $1.00 spent
(Points will be awarded when the order is paid or shipped)


When a customer refers their friend
Give 10 Artist Points to the referring customer
Give 10% coupon to the referred customer
(Customers will earn points when their friends makes their first purchase)
(Each referred customer gets a 10% discount code)


Customer birthday points
Give 100 Artist Points
(Customers must enter their date of birth at least 1 month before being rewarded)


Sharing on Facebook
Give 50 Artist Points
(Customers will only earn points on their first share)


Liking page on Facebook
Give 50 Artist Points
(Customers will only earn points on their first like)



Spending Artist Points

Customers can spend their Artist Points to redeem store coupons

$10 Discount

Costs 500 Artist Points

$20 Discount

Costs 1000 Artist Points

$30 Discount

Costs 1500 Artist Points

$50 Discount
Costs 2000 Artist Points


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How do customers redeem their points?

Customers can see their points and redeem them by visiting and opening the Reward Points Tab on the right side of the screen. When you open the tab, you'll see an Rewards section and any rewards you are eligible for will have a Redeem button like so: 



How does the referral program work?

Customers can refer friends by sending them a link via Facebook, Twitter, or email. The referring customer will receive 10 Artist Points and the referred customer will get a 10% off discount as an incentive to make a purchase. Please keep in mind customers will earn points when their friends makes their first purchase.


Referring Customer:

The referring customer will click on the points tab to open the loyalty program pop up, then under Earn Points, click on "Refer now"



This will open your referral page with a unique referral URL. This is the URL the referred customers will need to use to get the discount. There will also be Facebook, Twitter and an Email icon so you can share your personal URL and earn points. If the email icon is not compatible for you, just copy it to your clipboard (click icon is beside URL), login to your email account and paste it in a new email to your friends you wish to refer.


Referred Customer:

Once a friend goes to a customer's unique url, it'll bring the reward window up automatically, asking to enter their email for the discount code


Once they enter their email, this email is checked against the referring customer accounts. The referred customer only gets the discount if they are a new customer. Once the email has been verified as a new customer, the customer will get a discount code.


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