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Artist Bio

Chelleen Houle - Artist & Sole Proprietor

Chelleen Houle is a Metis acrylic painter, multimedia artist and entrepreneur based in Kamloops, British Columbia. Her self teaching in Native Artwork began in 2007 as a personal hobby, inspired by the the beauty of the art and the stories of their creation.

Since April 2015, she has become the sole proprietor and artist of Northern Dreams Arts & Gifts. In March 2016, Chelleen pursued her dreams of releasing her new clothing brand (Northern Dreams Clothing) thanks to her discovering the Canadian Company Art of Where, who is available as a tool for artists (or anyone else) to use to translate artwork onto original, handmade one-of-a-kind products, using the best materials available.

“When you fully commit yourself to following your dreams, nothing can stand in your way."
- Chelleen Houle

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